Project Proposal-To design and make a sophisticated stop motion orangutan puppet

Title: Discovering orangutans in Animation

The inspiration for this project came from watching the show 'Monkey life'  based on Monkey world the primate  rescue centre and sancutuary in Dorset, England. They rescue and rehabilitate primates from all over the world from dangerous and cruel situations, from unwanted pets to photographers props and the illegal pet trade they are brought to the park to live the remainder of their lives as naturally. I know this sounds all very serious but watching the show has taught me a lot and there are a lot of heart warming moments that make this show so enjoyable for me. Especially considering that the apes such as the  Gorillas, chimpanzee and last but not least orangutans are my favourite animals. I am a frequent zoo goer just so i can look at these fascinating creatures and have recently adopted a baby orangutan called Dinda from Monkey World that i will be visiting in the easter. The money that i gave to adopt her now goes towards helping rehabilitate other apes and primates out there that need tlc and security. This cause is to important  to me which is why i want to encorporate it into my work and combine my two loves model making and primates. It was also be a huge challenge technically which would encorporate many different processes such as silicone casting and colour hair punching and fur replacement, and a complex armature to give realistic movement.

                                                       This is Dinda

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